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A set of keys (car keys certainly and possibly house keys as well) was lost somewhere in the village sometime last week.

If you have found them or or know where they might be, please phone 01386 751790 or email info@birlingham.org.

The Parish Council have received an application from Birlingham Flower and Produce Show for £400 from the New Homes Bonus towards the cost of a new marquee for the Show. The marquee would also be available for other events at the Cricket Club.

The Parish Council is required to consult the community on all applications, so they would be pleased to hear your views before submitting the application to Wychavon District Council; please email any comments to the Clerk at birlingham_clerk@yahoo.co.uk. Full details here.

Congratulations to Adrian Hardman, who has been re-elected as County Councillor for the Bredon Ward (which includes Birlingham) with 72% of the vote.

Full figures for all wards will be available here when all results have been compiled by the County Council.

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Issue 128: 29th March 2017

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