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There is a new Birlingham Village Forum for exchanging information in the community - see below for full details.

If you are having to self-isolate and need help, here’s how to contact village volunteers
The Parish Council is co-ordinating volunteers who have kindly offered to help vulnerable members of our community that are having to self-isolate.

  • The volunteer process is being set up to support anyone over the age of 70yrs who has reason to self-isolate or any family that is self-isolating because of the possibility of having been infected.
  • Volunteers will do their best to help with essential food shopping and the collection of prescriptions. Payment for goods using cash or bank transfer (not cheques or credit cards) should simplify the process. To request help we ask you to call one of the following central contacts. These contacts may change over time as additional volunteers are added but we will keep you informed:
    • Paula Aston – 07932 637746
    • Nick Baskerville – 01386 751136
    • Marion New – 07867 796044
  • If there is no answer, leave a message. Please be sure to clearly state your name, address and telephone number. The central contacts will then arrange via the WhatsApp group for an available volunteer to call you back and provide assistance.
  • We ask that anyone requesting help follow all the guidelines to protect volunteers from infection. Shopping will be left on your doorstep and cash should be placed in an envelope. Remember to wash your hands.

The above process will evolve over time and we will keep you informed of changes either through Birlingham News or through the on-line forum. We have not forgotten the small number of people who may not use the internet. Volunteers will post this information through their letter box.

Birlingham Village Forum
The Jubilee Committee has added a new noticeboard-style forum to the village website. This forum will be used for giving up-to-the-minute information to the community. Birlingham News will still continue to be used to send out regular round-ups of events in the village.

Anyone can read messages on the forum. However, if you want to post messages or reply to other people’s messages you will need to follow a simple registration process. We would urge all villagers to register, so that they can keep in contact with the community.

The forum can be accessed at http://www.birlingham.org/forum/phpBB3.

On the first screen, click on Birlingham Village Forum in the centre of the screen. The topics (messages) are listed. To read any of these, click on the blue subject title.

Detailed instructions on how to read messages, register, log in, add new messages or reply to messages are given here.

If you have any difficulty accessing the forum, need help with using it or have any other queries, please email forum@birlingham.org.

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