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A Right Royal Family Day! – Saturday 19th May
The PCC and Jubilee Committee are joining forces on Saturday 19th May to provide a day of celebrations for the village. The PCC are organising their annual Family Day at the Cricket Ground on that day, which is also the day of the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final.

From late morning, the Jubilee Committee will be broadcasting the Royal Wedding in the pavilion and offering refreshments, and this will be followed by coverage of the FA Cup Final in the afternoon. Meanwhile the usual Family Day fun takes place outside in the afternoon. Whether you are a fan of the royal family, a keen football supporter or an enthusiast for the egg-tossing competition, there should be something for everyone! Please save the date and come along to join us for some or all of these activities.

More details will be available shortly but as usual we can’t do this without all the wonderful support of the volunteers in the village. If you are able to volunteer to run a stall, donate a cake or two or help set up, could you please contact Paula Aston on 01386 751425 or email paston1976@gmail.com. As ever, your assistance would be more than gratefully received.

Enquiries about Car Rally
Mark and Sadie Yeomans have been receiving enquiries about a 2018 Car Rally. Villagers will recall the problems we experienced in 2016, which were described in Birlingham News 126 (22 Feb 2017). Essentially the old ‘turn up and park’ event, which had run since 1994, produced grid lock on the cricket ground and in the village. This was caused by significant exposure on social media promoted by individuals unconnected with the event, they also did not understand the consequences of their actions. Therefore, as organisers, we decided the rally could no longer take place.

Earlier this year we did consider whether it would be possible to reinvent the rally under an ‘invitation only’ format. Our ability to control attendance and avoid the problems experienced in 2016 was the main consideration. We were perhaps naïve in thinking we would be able to significantly control attendance just by issuing invitations. It is evident you cannot control promotion by social media. Therefore it is impossible to manage health and safety on the ground, assess numbers to enable compliance with licensing authorities (e.g. PRS) and avoid another log jam in the village.

We know this will be a great disappointment to many, but having looked at the options we have now truly called it a day.

The Parish Council will co-opt a new member at their next meeting on Wednesday 16th May. If you would like more information on the Parish Council and its role, and how you can apply to become a councillor, please email the Clerk, June Hiden, at birlingham_clerk@yahoo.co.uk.

Full details can be viewed here.

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