Case No. 11/00873

Parish Council comments:

The Parish Council opposes the application.

The application follows an earlier application for the division of Hall Farmhouse into two residential dwellings. This application was permitted.

We would argue that had this first application proposed the sub division into three dwellings a different verdict might have been reached.

1. The unaltered Hall Farm House prior to its division into two dwellings was one of the very few buildings in Birlingham which retained a substantially unaltered appearance from its sixteenth century origins. Had not its appearance been severely damaged by alterations which followed on the division, English Heritage would have considered it worthy of inclusion in the lists of buildings deserving of special protection.

We are concerned that a second sub division of the building plus a large extension would further prejudice its aesthetic, historical and cultural value and significantly reduce the contribution which it makes to the village scene.

The extension will unbalance the symmetry of the existing structure further detracting from the historic design and the further division of the garden area will in no way enhance the curtilage of the house.

We would point out that the Wychavon Local Plan states under:

ENV1'' Proposals for development must demonstrate that they are appropriate to and integrate with the landscape character of the area and …….safeguard restore or enhance the natural or built environment in which they are proposed''


SUR 7 Annexe Accommodation

''In all cases the proposal will …have no adverse impact on the amenity of the main building or adjoining properties

Where annex accommodation requires planning permission it should be provided through an extension to the main dwelling without having an adverse affect on the character of the dwelling, the site or the locality''

In our opinion the proposals in the application do not meet with the above requirements

2. At the time of the application to split Hall Farm House into 2 residences Highways commented that the road leading to the Farmhouse was too narrow to accommodate any increase in traffic without the provision of parking places. An increase in traffic consequent to further division of the building would exacerbate this problem.

Continued with AMENDMENTS

Parish Council comments:

The Parish Council would like to comment:

1. It notes that the application is significantly reduced from the previous application.

2. It also notes that a very substantial amount of building work will be required to effect the internal alterations. This will cause additional damage to the original structure of the house noted in the English Heritage report as being of historical interest.

3. It is proposed to incorporate the existing conservatory into the main structure of the house by the addition of a tiled roof and brick frontage. We would recommend that a condition should be applied that would prevent another conservatory being added to this frontage at some future date

4. The applicant has on previous occasions ignored conditions imposed by the Planning Authorities.

We would strongly advise that the two passing places on the narrow approach road recommended by the Highways Department of Worcestershire County Council should be completed before any part of the application is undertaken