The next Parish Council meeting takes place on Wednesday and it’s the annual litter pick the following Saturday.
In this issue:
  1. Village Hall AGM, 20th March
  2. Parish Council Meeting, 20th March
  3. Village Litter Pick, 23rd March
  4. Easter Day Service, 31st March
  5. Annual Church Meeting, 4th April
  6. Planning Applications
The Annual General Meeting of Birlingham Village Hall will be held on Wednesday 20th March at 4.45pm in the Village Hall.
The next Parish Council meeting is on Wednesday 20th March at 7.45pm in Birlingham Village Hall. Come along and have your say on local issues.
The Agenda for the meeting is available at and the minutes of the last meeting on 16th January are at
A reminder that the annual Village Litter Pick will take place on Saturday 23rd March, starting from the village green at 10.00am. Please come along for an hour if you can.
The Easter Day service will take place at St James’s Church on Sunday 31st March at 10.15am.
The service will be a Communion service and will include Easter hymns.
The Annual Church Meeting will be held on Thursday 4th April at 6.30pm in Birlingham Village Hall.
The meeting is open to all parishioners, even if they are only occasional members of the congregation. All are welcome to help elect new Churchwardens, discuss the pattern of services for the year and give their views on the improvements programme.
The following planning applications have been received by the Parish Council:
  • Rough Hill House, Upper End: Non material amendment to Planning Application Ref W/12/01980/PP to form a single storey link between the proposed conservatory and porch. (Case No. 13/00414). Awaiting decision by Wychavon District Council. (Consultation period ends on 29th March.) Full details can be viewed on the Wychavon DC website at
  • Lower End Farm, Berwick Lane: Two storey rear extension with balcony and side extension. (Case No. 13/00373). Awaiting decision by Wychavon District Council. (Consultation period ends on 4th April.) Full details can be viewed on the Wychavon DC website at
The following planning application has been determined by Wychavon District Council:
  • Hall Farm Barns, Whitehall Lane: Amendment to Planning Application 98/00977 for conversion of barn to dwelling including insertion of additional rooflights, flue and changing asbestos cement covered roof with glazing to form an orangery. (Case No. 13/00063). Approved. Full details can be viewed on the Wychavon DC website at
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