A Happy Easter to you all!
In this issue:
A reminder that the Easter Day communion service takes place at St James’s Church this Sunday at 10.15am.
And don’t forget that the clocks go forward one hour to British Summer Time on Sunday morning!
The AGM of the Friends of St James’s will be held on Thursday 4th April at 6.00pm in Birlingham Village Hall.
This will be followed at 6.30pm by the Annual Church Meeting.
The annual village litter pick, postponed from March 23rd because of the snow, will now take place on Saturday 6th April.
Please come along and help for an hour. Litter-picking equipment is provided. Meet on the village green at 10.00am.
Berwick Lane and Grange Road will be closed for up to eight days some time after 30th April to allow for work on the water main. The works will be completed in three phases, Berwick Lane being closed in the first phase and sections of Grange Road in the next two phases.
Note that the County Council do not use the same names as us for the roads. For these purposes, they regard Grange Road as being part of Berwick Lane (even though their maps show otherwise) and they have named the road north from the junction of Grange Road and Berwick Lane as Meadow Lane.
The Public Notice can be viewed at www.birlingham.org/docs/berwick_lane_road_closure_2013.pdf. and the map of the works and the three phases is available at www.birlingham.org/docs/berwick_lane_maps_2013.pdf.
Since adopting the telephone kiosk last year, the Parish Council has been looking for ideas for its future use. It had been hoped to use it as a collection point for the Pershore Journal (an idea suggested by Ann Smith) but the following response was received from Midlands Newsquest:
“Unfortunately the newspaper industry is still going through unprecedented reductions in advertising revenue which is having a massive impact on profitability. Some papers are simply fighting for survival. There are no plans, at the present time, to increase the distribution area of the Pershore Journal, even by a small amount . . . Maybe if the current climate improves we may be given permission to extend the distribution area of the Pershore Journal.”
For the next few months the Birlingham Flower and Produce Show committee will be using the phone box as a ‘home’ to advertise the Village Show – to put up information about Grow for the Show, have a seed or plant swap, raise awareness and keep a focus on the show through the year. More information will be available when the plans have been finalised.
If you have any further suggestions for future uses of the phone box, we would be pleased to hear from you.
This year Wychavon District Council is allowing you to pay your Council Tax in twelve monthly instalments (rather than the usual ten from April to January). If you want to take advantage of this offer, send an email to march@swrbss.org, quoting your name, address and Council Tax account number. Alternatively, write to Revenues and Benefits, PO Box 11, Pershore WR10 1PU.
At the recent Parish Council meeting, County Councillor Adrian Hardman reported that the County Council no longer employs people to inspect roads and look for potholes. They now rely on members of the public to tell them about such problems. Potholes (and a wide range of other issues, such as drainage problems, fly tipping and road signs) can be reported at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/reportit. Click on the ‘Report It’ box, select the type of problem and follow the instructions. Alternatively, phone 0845 607 2005.
The more people that report a problem, the more quickly it is likely to be dealt with. So, if you are aware of any dangerous potholes, please report them as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, one of the Council officers has made a video, based on the song ‘My Way’, which can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9adUVUogc8E. Well worth a look.
The following planning applications have been determined by Wychavon District Council:
  • Hall Farm, Whitehall Lane: Certificate of lawful existing use for the change of use of agricultural buildings from agriculture to a mixed use for agricultural, agricultural storage, non-agricultural vehicle storage, including the storage of a camper van, vintage vehicles and lorries. (Case No. 13/00004) Approved. Full details and conditions can be viewed on the Wychavon DC website at www.e-wychavon.org.uk/pl/pl.exe?cs=13/00004.
The following appeal has been determined by the Planning Inspector:
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