Poppies will be planted around the war memorial tomorrow (Wednesday) and there will be a short ceremony; sunflower seeds will be planted in the churchyard on Sunday. Please come along and support both events.
In this issue:
As part of the commemoration of the start of the First World War, and in accordance with the wishes of the Archbishops of Canterbury and
York, poppy seeds will be planted around the war memorial at 11.00am this Wednesday, 30th April.
Rev. Burn is coming to say a prayer and everybody is welcome to come along.
A Family Service will be held at St James’s Church on Sunday 4th May at 10.15am.
At this service, the children will be planting sunflower seeds in the churchyard. We can then watch the flowers grow and measure them each month. Please join us for this occasion.
To mark the 50th anniversary of the first peal rung on the bells of St James’s Church on 25th April 1964, Birlingham bell ringers rang a quarter peal of Bob Doubles, lasting 46 minutes, on the evening of Friday 25th April. The team consisted of:
Treble: Jon Komor *
2: Chris Woodward *
3: Dilys Metcalfe **
4: Alan Exell
5: Steve Morris (C)
Tenor: Helen Wyatt *
* First quarter peal
** First quarter peal ringing a method
This was the first quarter peal to be completed by a band consisting entirely of regular Birlingham ringers.
The quarter peal was also dedicated to Charlotte and Amber Butler, who were moving to Cheltenham the following day.
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