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We are very sorry to inform you of the death of Bill Quarrell on Sunday morning, following a long illness. Bill lived and worked for most of his life in Birlingham, most recently in Brook Cottages, before moving to Devon to be near one of his daughters. His family have lived in Birlingham for several centuries and he is greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies go to his family. Details of the funeral arrangements are not yet available.
Bill was involved in numerous activities in Birlingham; among these, he was Tower Captain at St James’s Church for many years and this evening’s bell-ringing practice will be rung half-muffled in his memory.
2. Parish Council Meeting, 19th November
The next Parish Council meeting takes place on Wednesday 18th November at 7.45pm in Birlingham Village Hall. Among other things, the Council will be discussing the proposed development of 63 houses at Defford (bordering our parish at Bow Brook) and the application for change of use from offices to dwellings at the Old Stables, Upper End; setting the budget for next year, which determines the amount of Council Tax you have to pay specifically for the Parish; assessing the New Homes Bonus Application by the Cricket Club (see below); and setting a date for the first Neighbourhood Plan meeting.
The Agenda for the meeting is available at and the minutes of the last meeting on 17th September can be viewed at
As a result of the New Homes Bonus Initiative, we in Birlingham have an annual amount of £1,133 available over the next three years up to 2017. Specifically this money is intended to be used for the benefit of the parish community and we anticipate that the various organisations in the parish will come forward with worthwhile ideas for spending this. The Parish Council will look at any ideas and, working with Wychavon District Council, consider those that fall within the guidance issued. In previous years, some of this money has been used by Birlingham Village Hall for roof repairs and a new microwave.
Currently there is an application from Birlingham Cricket Club to upgrade its facilities, including a new roof for the machine shed and improved security. The cricket pitch is used as a Community facility for many varied activities, so this falls within the guidance given for the use of the scheme. The work is expected to cost £1200 and the Cricket Club has asked for a contribution of £900 from the New Homes Bonus. The Parish Council is required to consult the community on all applications, so we would be pleased to hear your views before making the decision next Wednesday; please email any comments to
Now that the Birlingham darts team is no longer able to play at the Swan Inn, it has moved to the Defford Arms. The team, which has members from Birlingham, Eckington, Defford and Pershore, is again taking part in the Winter Season of the Severn Stoke Invitation Darts League.
The team meets on Monday evenings in the Defford Arms from 8.15pm (for home matches). If you would like to join the team, please contact the team’s captain, Steve Jeavons, or email This season’s fixture list is available at; this list is updated weekly with the latest results, so you can follow the team’s progress through the season.
The following planning application has been determined by Wychavon District Council:
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