The end of this month sees the return to St James’s Church of two ancient volumes, originally belonging to the Rev Duke in the 1800s.
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A reminder that there will be a street party to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VJ Day outside Birlingham Village Hall this Saturday, 15th August, from 3.00pm until 6.00pm. Although afternoon tea will be provided, the organisers would be grateful if those coming to the party could bring a plate of food – but don’t worry if you can’t, there should be plenty of food. You are also welcome to bring alcohol. You are invited to dress appropriately to the period but again this is entirely optional.
At 2.00pm the Birlingham bell ringers will be ringing a quarter peal to mark the occasion. The ringing will last for approximately 50 minutes. The bells of St James’s Church were rung by local ringers on VJ Day itself (15th August 1945), as commemorated on an inscription in the church (
On Saturday, the road in front of the Village Hall between the junctions with Whitehall Lane and Church Street will be closed for the day. The official closure notice is available at
We have received an email from Adrian Dence, from Milford on Sea, who has two ancient volumes that belonged to the Rev Rashleigh Duke, who was rector of St James’s Church from 1869 until 1908. The books are a lectern-sized Book of Common Prayer and a Missal (also lectern-sized) and Mr Dence would like to return them to the parish. The fascinating story of these books can be read at and a picture of one of the books can be viewed at
The books will be returned to the parish at a special Evensong service at St James’s Church on Sunday 30th August at 5.30pm. Rev Claire Lording will be officiating and there will be refreshments after the service.
Following the resignation of John Comins, who will shortly be leaving the village, there is now a vacancy on Birlingham Parish Council. John has been a member of the Parish Council for ten years and has worked hard on behalf of the community. He is particularly knowledgeable on planning matters and has led the Planning Subgroup on the Council for many years. His reasoned and measured input to debates will be greatly missed.
The vacancy is being advertised for a period of 14 working days, during which electors can ask for an election to be held. The notice of the vacancy can be viewed at If ten electors request an election in writing by Tuesday 25th August, an election will be held. Otherwise, the Parish Council will co-opt a new member at their next meeting on Wednesday 16th September.
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