You are all invited to a Remembrance Service at St James’s Church on Sunday 8th November.
In this issue:
For the first time in many years, there will be a service at St James’s Church on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November, beginning at 10.30am. The service will be conducted by Rev. Henry Morgan. This will be a Remembrance Service with Communion and we are sure that many people in the village will want to be involved in this local Remembrance Service.
Meanwhile, the ceremony at Eckington Cross begins at 10.45am on the same day. A wreath will be laid by Chris Reynard on behalf of Birlingham Parish Council and the ceremony will be followed by a service in Eckington Church.
There will also be the usual short Service of Remembrance on Wednesday 11th November at Birlingham War Memorial. The service starts at 10.45am and will be followed by coffee and biscuits in the Church.
The results of the Birlingham Village Survey were presented at a well-attended public meeting in Birlingham Village Hall on 29th October. Forty-five people were present as the analysis of each section of the survey was explained by Ian Yates, on behalf of Birlingham Parish Council. Thanks are due to members of the Parish Council and the Clerk, June Hiden, for the huge amount of work involved in putting the survey together, distributing it and preparing for the public meeting. Particular thanks go to Steve Conder (and Sarah) for collating and analysing the returns and to Ian for creating the presentation.
The primary aim of the survey was to canvass opinion on whether Birlingham should have a Neighbourhood Plan or Village Design Statement. The idea of a Neighbourhood Plan was rejected by 70% of those who replied, while a Village Design Statement was supported by 76%. These and other results will be discussed by the Parish Council at their next meeting on Wednesday 18th November. The full presentation, along with explanatory notes, is now available on the village website at
The favourable comments in the survey returns relating to Birlingham News are very much appreciated. Among the comments, several people asked if the email could be published according to a regular schedule. The Website Group have taken up this suggestion and from November the email will be distributed twice a month (on the second and last Wednesdays).
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