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59. Would you be prepared to see an increase in your Council Tax to fund any improvements mentioned
      in this questionnaire?

Inevitably, there is a cost to most improvements in the village and this will have an effect on your Council Tax. Currently, the Parish Council is limited to a 2% rise per year, so any major increases in expenditure would have to come from cuts in other part of the budget.

60. Do you have any other comments about the village?

If you have any other points not covered by the survey, please write them here. If you cannot fit everything in the box, write it on a separate sheet. <

Contact Information

Your answers to this survey will be held in confidence. Any specific comments that are published will not be attributed to an individual. However, it is helpful in our analysis of the results to know who has completed the survey so please provide your name and contact details below. This will allow us to follow up with you if we have any additional questions or points to clarify. Knowing which part of the village you are from will also help us with our analysis of the responses.

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