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This section covers communication within the village.

9. Do you have internet access at home?
10. If not and a village internet facility were available at the Village Hall, would you use it?

While most households now have access to the internet, this is not always the case. Birlingham Village Hall are planning to offer computer and internet facilities and we would like to hear from you if you would find this beneficial.

11. Have you looked at the Village Website,
12. What parts of the website do you find most useful?
13. Do you have any comments/suggestions on how the website might be improved?

The Birlingham Village Website,, was set up three years ago by Birlingham Parish Council to provide information on the running of the council and to give details of organisations and events in the village and local news.

The website is now run independently of the Parish Council by the Birlingham Jubilee Committee. This has allowed the website to offer advertising to local businesses, the income from which will be used for the benefit of the village.

We would like to hear your views on which parts of the website you find most useful and how you think it could be improved in the future.

14. Do you receive the village email newsletter?
15. Do you have any comments/suggestions on how the email might be improved?

Three months before the website was launched, the Council began to distribute an email newsletter, Birlingham News, to residents, their friends and families. To date there have been 86 village emails and these can all be viewed here. Currently nearly 75% of households in Birlingham receive the emails, which are also distributed to a number of former residents and people with connections to the village.

The village email is also now run by the Birlingham Jubilee Committee and we would like to hear your views on how you think the email could be improved in the future.

If you do not currently receive the email and would like to, click here to send us an email. Your email address will be used only for the village email and will not be passed on to any other organisation or individual. You can cancel the village email at any time.

If you do not have regular access to the internet but would like to have a printed copy of the newsletter delivered, please phone 01386 751717 (answerphone) or contact June Hiden at Lamorna, Broadway Road.

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