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This section of the survey relates to your views on your local environment and your involvement with the local community.

16. What is your main means of transport?

The answers to this question will help us to understand how people move around and whether there should be more emphasis on public transport, cycle paths and footpaths.

17. Do you use any public rights of way in the parish?

One of the Parish Council's main roles is to work with the Footpath Warden, whose work is currently funded by Worcestershire County Council (although the Footpath Warden and his assistants all work voluntarily). The footpaths and bridleways in Birlingham are illustrated by green dotted lines on the Public Rights of Way map.

18. Are you in favour of sustainable or renewal energy resources in the village?

Currently very few properties have solar panels or wind turbines attached to them but we would like to know whether you would like to see these forms of energy production encouraged.

19. How do you feel about volunteering to help in the village?

There are many organisations in the village, all of which rely on volunteers to achieve their aims. We are interested to know what proportion of the population get involved in one way or another with these organisations.

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