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The information gathered from the About You and Coummunications sections of the survey has been used to create a picture of the village.

1.  Are you Male or Female?
2.  What age group do you belong to?

The population of Birlingham on 1st August was 339, of which 37 were children.

The conclusions about the ages of respondents are as follows:

There is a 50/50 male/female split with ladies just having the edge.

3.  How many people live in your household?

These figures are derived from the electoral roll and other sources. There are 154 homes in the village, of which 149 are currently occupied.

4.  How many children under 18 do you have in your household?

5.  How long have you lived in the village?

Questions 5-8 provided the Parish Council with a rare opportunity to obtain a summary of the make-up of the village. This information will help the Council to make decisions that are relevant to the people who live in the parish.

6.  What were your reasons for moving to the village?

7.  Employment

Based on the survey respondents:

8.  Where do you work or study?

Question 9-15 formed the Communications section of the survey.

9.  Do you have internet access at home?
10.  If not and a village internet facility were available at the Village Hall, would you use it?

11.  Have you looked at the Village Website,
12.  What parts of the website do you find most useful?
13.  Do you have any comments/suggestions on how the website might be improved?

The Birlingham Village Website,, was set up in 2012 by Birlingham Parish Council to provide information on the running of the council and to give details of organisations and events in the village and local news.

The website is now run independently of the Parish Council by the Birlingham Website Group, which is part of the Jubilee Committee. This has allowed the website to offer advertising to local businesses, the income from which will be used for the benefit of the village.

14.  Do you receive the village email newsletter?
15.  Do you have any comments/suggestions on how the email might be improved?

Three months before the website was launched, the Council began to distribute an email newsletter, Birlingham News, to residents, their friends and families. To date there have been over 90 village emails. Currently over 75% of households in Birlingham receive the emails, which are also distributed to a number of former residents and other people with connections to the village. The village email is also run by the Birlingham Jubilee Committee.


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