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We have four venues in the village used by the public (Birlingham Village Hall, the Swan Inn, the Cricket Ground and St James's Church). The survey asks similar questions about each one, in order to get an overall view of how important each is to the village as a whole, highlighting those aspects that people find particularly enjoyable and possibly coming up with ideas that may be of interest to the businesses and organisation that provide these facilities.

The Parish Council does not have any influence over how these venues operate but a summary of responses will be passed on to the relevant organisations.

30.  Is the Village Hall important to you?
31.  What do you use the Village Hall for?
32.  Are there other events you would like to see the Village Hall used for??

33.  Is the village pub (The Swan) important to you?
34.  How often do you visit the pub to eat or drink?
35.  Are there any events you particularly enjoy at the pub or would like to see introducted?

36.  Are the Cricket Club & grounds important to you?
37.  Do you play in or watch matches?
38.  Are there any events you particularly enjoy at the Cricket Club or would like to see introduced?

39.  Are you a regular member of the St James's Church congregation?
40.  For which of the following reasons is the church important to you?
41.  Do you think the church should be used for other (non-religious) events?

The importance of the church split into two main categories:

People felt that the church should adapt to the times and host any public/private event agreeable to the church authorities. 64% agreed that it should be used for non-religious events and many said that the addition of facilities would be useful.

42.  What other facilities or amenities would you like to see in the village?

One of the main reasons that Birlingham has not been earmarked for additional housing in the South Worcestershire Development Plan is its lack of other local facilities. If more facilities were provided it would change the category of the village, making development more likely. Again, in most cases the Parish Council does not have the power to provide these facilities but a summary of answers will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Transport and Rights of Way
Two questions in the Environment section asked about means of transport and use of public rights of way.

16.  What is your main means of transport?

17.  Do you use any public rights of way in the parish?

The Birlingham public footpaths and bridleways are shown on the Public Rights of Way map.

The question in the Volunteering section asked about volunteering in the village.

19.  How do you feel about volunteering to help in the village?


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