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The 2014 Evening Fete took place at Brockham on Friday 6th June, with a variety of stalls and activities, and the ever-popular dog show.

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Lord-Lieutenant of Worcestershire, Lt Col Patrick Holcroft being introduced by Henry Porter
(Photo: Steve Morris)

Patrick Holcroft opens the fete
(watched by Harry Porter)
(Photo: Steve Morris)

Helen Wyatt preparing Pimms for the bar
'I can't believe I'm chopping fruit.'
(Photo: Steve Morris)

For once, the sun was shining
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The queue begins to form for the barbecue
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Music provided by Upbeat
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The tables around the bar area soon filled up
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The Cosnets (and Zoonie) relax by the bar
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The children's area
organised by Treetops Nursery
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The book stall
Peter Collier, Felicity Collier and Theresa Comins
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Anthony Mence's fruit and veg stall
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The cake stall
Ann Maxwell, Pat Lightbody and Judy Stanton
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The barbecue
June Barke, Sadie Yeomans and Mark Yeomans
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The Dog Show: Cutest Teenager (up to 3 yrs)
1st Jack (with Steph from Drakes Broughton), 2nd Milo (Carena from Worcester), 3rd Pippa (Lydia),
4th Cassie (shown by Niamh Jeavons)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Smartest Adolescent (3-10 yrs)
1st Hitch (with Clara Albert), 2nd Zoonie (Anthony Cosnet from Pershore), 3rd Nessa (Jayne Brassington),
4th Poppy (Marlene from Littleworth)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Best Looking Veteran (10 yrs plus)
1st Tammy (Alex Brown), 2nd Twixi (Gale Matthews), 3rd Olly (Jayne Mackenzie)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Waggiest Tail
1st Jet (owned by Michael Porter), 2nd Bella (with Sue Hall from Charlton), 3rd Megs (Jayne Brassington),
4th Twixi (Gale Matthews)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Best Biscuit Catcher
3rd Cassie (shown by Niamh Jeavons), 4th Hitch (with Clara Albert), 2nd Zoonie (Anthony Cosnet), 1st Bella (Sue Hall)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Most Like the Owner
1st Lily (Sara), 2nd Humphrey (Helen Middleton), 3rd Poppy (Marlene), 4th Tammy (Alex Brown)
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Dog Judge Most Wants to Take Home
1st Humphrey (Helen Middleton), 2nd Bella (Sue Hall), 3rd Milo (Carena), 4th Lily (Sarah)
(Photo: Steve Diston)


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