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On 30th April 2014 a crowd of Birlingham residents gathered on the village green to witness the planting of poppy seeds around
the war memorial. The event was one of many taking part around the country, at the request of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York,
as part of the commemoration of the start of the First World War 100 years ago.

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Harry Porter spreads the first packet of seeds
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Basil Barke spreads his poppy seeds around the war memorial
(Photo: Steve Diston)

Rev. Burn says a few words
(Photo: Steve Diston)

The assembled crowd
Anne Porter, John Hill, Walter Clode, Chris Hermon, Richard Devenish, Frances Cant, Harry Porter, Richard Foulkes, June Hiden,
Daphne Hill, Felicity Collier, Leonard Burn, Rosanna Reynard, June Barke, Karen Crowther, Adrianne Woodward, Mrs Burn,
Basil Barke, Philly White, Steve Morris (and Cassie), Sylvia Morgan, Ann Maxwell, Kris Mills, Chris Reynard
(Photo: Steve Diston)


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